Cove Road I – Thermopolis

Cove Road I – Thermopolis

Thermopolis is a neat little town - located just north of the Wind River Canyon, it boasts that it has the "World's Largest Mineral Hot Springs."

The track as it currently stands in Thermopolis:

In this place-holder plan, north is to the bottom. A train heading south (upwards) will move through some hidden trackage to the Wind River Canyon. Heading off the bottom takes the train to Worland.

As one can see, right now Thermopolis has only been developed as a passing track. I've indicated several industries in Thermopolis, but what they are and what track they actually set against are yet to be determined. Research will reveal what was active during the late 1930s and early 1940s, and appropriate additional track will be added as long as the area doesn't start to look like a spaghetti mill. One will, of course, find the ubiquitous Team Track. As I said on the Wyoming Mainline page, Thermopolis was always something of a resort town (at least to Wyomingites), so this will be a major stopping point for passenger trains, including possibly the terminus for the occasional Special.

Thermopolis is a quiet town, and somehow always came across to me as a tidy place. When traveling through as a child, we almost always found time to stop and swim in one of the very large hot springs-fed swimming pools. I hope to capture that feeling of tidiness, along with at least some representation of the hot springs around the town.