Past Modeling

Past Modeling

The Deep Past

Layouts from my earlier years, the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

They start out as a teenager’s completely freelanced ideas. After leaving the hobby for a few years while in college, I returned after graduating and began a brief foray into HOn3. Shortly after that I gave N scale a brief try, then went back to HO.

The Middle Past

This period started about 1985, and extended until about 1997. I’ve stayed with HO since this era started.

This is also the era when I moved (like a glacier) into proto-freelancing. I began modeling the Great Northern Railway, but in my imaginary history it ran through Wyoming.

The Recent Past

The recent past began in 1997 (yeah, I know it’s 20 years. Gimme a break), when I was living in Wenonah, New Jersey. I began more prototype and less freelance modeling at this time, basing my modeling on real locations along the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy and Chicago & North Western lines as they existed in the state of Wyoming. I also moved solidly into the 1930’s & 40’s as my modeling era of choice. This section of the website is very detailed, as I had extensively documented my last NJ layout on a previous iteration of this website.