Casper Progress – 2019

Casper Construction Progress – 2019

On 4 November, 2019, my wife and I moved into our new house in Casper Wyoming. I was back home!

I had an unfinished basement comparable in size to the one I left behind in Merchantville. Here are a couple shots from our house hunting trip in October:


Even before we moved, I was fiddling around with ideas for track plans (or course). But I didn't do very much except daydream, because we had a lot to do on our house in Merchantville to get it ready to sell.

Once we moved to Casper and settled in a bit, I did have time to start messing around with track plans. Lots of time, because I needed to finish the train room before I started building this fifth version of the CB&Q in Wyoming.

I did produce an update video in December, chronicling the track planning process to that point, introducing the new layout space, and giving a brief recap of the previous four versions of the layout:

The basement was pretty cluttered. We put nearly all the stuff we brought with us that didn't have a specific home right in - you guessed it - the train room:

On December 22nd I started finishing the train room, laying a row of waterproof, dimpled high-strength plastic. This spaces the subfloor about 1/2 inch above the concrete, providing just a bit of insulation and allowing some airflow over the concrete to dry out any moisture that may form on top of the cement.

The next day I added a second row. We were on the way!And that was about it until early January.

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