Cove Road I – Construction Progress – 2009

Cove Road I – Construction Progress – 2009


These shots, taken on January 3rd 2009, are primarily of work completed in December 2008.

Here we're looking along the Thermopolis wall. Glenrock is against the facing wall, with the helix out of the shot to the far right.

You can see that the backdrop has been extended part way along the wall behind Thermopolis, and the hills flat extends around the curve and just barely onto the Thermopolis wall.

The Casper wall is to the left, with the image facing the Thermopolis wall (though Thermopolis is out of the image to the right).

No benchwork is in place yet, obviously. The studs have been placed that will support upper deck, and the 1X2 strips that will support the backdrop have been added.

Here's an overall view of most of the layout as of January 3rd.

The rest of 2009 was devoted to house renovations and the Borough of Merchantville. I was elected to the Borough council for the 2008-2010 term, and the shenanigans of the council (plus the legitimate business) took an increasing amount of time in 2009.

I spent very little time on the train in 2009 and early 2010, and there are no photographs from that time.

In the second quarter of 2010 my employer transferred me to Charleston South Carolina. By the end of 2010 most renovations to the house were complete (my wife stayed behind in Merchantville to oversee that work), so in late 2010 (over the Thanksgiving holiday, as I recall) I disassembled the layout. I kept the track and benchwork, plus all the parts that went into the helix except the wiring. All the subroadbed, risers and what-not went into the dumpster. Over a three day weekend, six years of layout construction came down.

So ended the CB&Q in Wyoming in New Jersey.