History of Thermopolis

A Brief History of Thermopolis

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Thermopolis, "Home of the World's Largest Mineral Hot Springs," was founded in 1897 following the signing of a treaty with the Shoshone and Arapaho Indians. As part of the treaty, the mineral springs were made available to the public without charge. They still are today.

The 1920's photo of Thermopolis at the top of the page is looking south over the town, towards the Wind River canyon. In the distance you can see the Big Horn river (upstream of its exit from the canyon, it's called the Wind river). On the far left, about center between top and bottom of the photo you can see the CB&Q.

Here's an illustration of the Thermopolis depot during the early days of the line. The depot is still there today.

Here's the Big Horn River at Thermopolis. This would appear to be sometime early in the 20th century, shortly after the railroad's construction in 1910. The area on the left bank of the river is now part of Hot Springs State Park, and the area just beyond is East Thermopolis.

This is the Thermopolis depot trackside as of 1990.