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  1. I am really enjoying going through your website!! I worked out of Greybull for 30 years, and this layout brings back allot of memories for me. I worked the East Run Through Pool for 10 years from 96 to 06, and worked all the locals and yard engines as well the rest of the time. I had thoughts of building a layout running from Thermopolis to Bonneville, through the Wind River Canyon. That was my favorite part of that run from Greybull to Casper. It would have been a fictitious road with several industries in the canyon. Glad to see you are modeling the old Q!!! Keep up the Great work!!!

  2. Hey Mark, I stumbled across your website researching history on the old CB&Q in Wyoming. I’m a bridge inspector for BNSF, and have the Bighorn Subdivision which runs Gillette, WY to Huntley, MT. I also have the Casper Subdivision which runs from Casper, WY to Laurel, MT and the accompanying Cody Subdivision. Please feel free to email me if you need any pictures or other type of help or reference documentation at all. I hi-rail these lines every week.

    1. Hi Ben!
      Great to hear from you – what a fantastic job you have!
      Do you also have the line from Huntley to Laurel, or do you handle two disconnected sections?

      I’ve always been interested in the old Toluca MT to Warren MT branch that was abandoned in 1911. I haven’t been able to find very much on it – would you happen to have any information?

      Thanks for your interest in my website! At some point over the next few months I’ll be fleshing out the History pages a bit (they’re empty now!), so check back in the spring!

      Take care!

  3. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the comment! Sorry it took so long to reply. No excuse, I just missed your post.
    Is Greybull still a crew change point?
    Your idea for a layout is VERY interesting. Any idea what sort of industries you’d place in the canyon? Please be sure to let me know if you ever decide to go ahead with it.
    Take care!

    1. Hi Mark!!! Yes, Greybull is still a Crew Change point, (Home Terminal). I had heard some rumors that there was some faction trying to get a run-thru from Casper to Laurel, which is ridiculous!! I hope they are not stupid enough to actually try it.
      As for industries in the Canyon, I thought of a quarry, and some kind of timber industry, plus in the middle of the Canyon was a siding, of which I cannot remember the name of right now, but I would have a couple of small town type of businesses; maybe a Gas and Oil Dealer, and something for Groceries and other supplies. ?? Just some thoughts I had.
      I have built my layout and have gone back to my roots, so to speak. My Pike is based on the old DM&CI Ry. in about 1969 or 70. The old DCI was sold to the CNW in 1968, but in my HO world, I bought the DCI and renamed it the Des Moines Central. I still use the little GE 70 tonners with a modified Orange & Cream paint scheme. We have retained many of the businesses that were in the old Downtown section and convinced them to relocate closer to the yard. We still run to Granger, Iowa and connect with the Milw. Rd. there. We also interchange with the CNW, Ft. Dodge Line, RI, and the CGW, even though the CGW and Ft. Dodge Line were taken over by CNW by that time.
      I have super busy and haven’t checked back to your page for a while. Keep up the Great work!!!!

      1. Hi Dave,
        Your last post (April) got buried in all the spam comments I’ve been getting lately, so I just saw it today.
        My canyon scene is much more compressed than I’d like (around 10 feet long opposed to the 18-20 feet I’d like), so I’ll have to forego any sidings there, as they’d be as long as the canyon itself.
        Care to share some pics of your layout? I’d like to see it.

        1. Mark, Here is a link to a video of part of my layout. I have since ballasted the Main Line on the entire layout. I have not painted any of my engines yet, as I am trying to get them running the way I want them to run. I am getting close though. I have also finished the back drop on this section of the layout along with the small town of Johnston, Iowa. Here’s the link to the video. I will gather up some pics later on.

          1. Thanks Dave! Cool video. I especially enjoyed some of those captions! I subscribed to your channel, so I’ll be looking forward to more videos of your layout. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Mark for your kind words!! I only have two of my own videos so far, but my brother made a few and posted them on his channel. Here is my first video that I posted.
    Now here are a few that my brother made of my layout. Note: I don’t have Camp Dodge modeled on my layout, and the town he calls Camp Dodge is actually Johnston, Iowa. The State Liquor Whse. is modeled, but the building is not shown in these videos. I had yet to build it.
    Okay to open links. How can I send you pictures, as I do have pictures of my layout.
    Hope you enjoy the videos.

  5. Hi Mark, I just retired and am getting into HO modeling. I am interested in CB@Q, since I grew up in Newcastle Wy. I am wondering if you live in Wyo or if there are other who I might be able to meet with in person for advice and direction. I seem to have a lo of questions I currently live in Buffalo I am enjoying your videos very much Thanks for doing them

    1. Hi Steve, good to hear from you!
      I live in Casper. It would be nice to get together and chat with someone else who shares some of the same interests. Buffalo (or, in the reverse, Casper) is just a short jaunt down the road! Drop me a note and lets get together!

      1. Thank you I will do that sometime. My phone number is 307 217 0100. Like I said I don’t know anything yet but want to learn. I would enjoy making a trip to Casper sometime (weather dependent) I am pretty open so whatever would work for you

      2. Sorry for late response. I will see what mid Feb looks like and perhaps I can come down and pick your brain and learn a lot of things. Enjoy looking at your pictures If u get up this way my phone 217-0100 and my email is steveko@vcn.com Looking forward to meeting you

  6. Hi Mark!!! I’m sending you e-mail address so I can e-mail you. I recorded an old Retired Engineer from Greybull many years ago, and he worked with Steam and Diesel. I want to send you the CD, but need your address to do that. Thanks!!!

  7. Hello Guys.
    Here is Rodrigo Andreas Roesler, from Brazil (South America).
    I´m seeking for videos focused on Wind River Canyon. Could someone give directions, please?
    Thank you so much. Be safe, and watch your step.

    1. Hello Rodrigo
      I suggest is to search YouTube for “Wind River Canyon.” A good list of videos of the canyon will come up.
      Good luck!

      Mark Pruitt

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