V5 Lander Branch

Lines – The Lander Branch – Casper to Lander on the C&NW

Top image: Lander sometime in the 1950's.

The Lander branch of the layout represents the far western end of the Chicago & North Western's Cowboy line from Casper to Lander. On version 5 of the CB&Q in Wyoming, the modeled areas will include Shobon (just a switch departing the CB&Q mainline), Riverton, Hudson and Lander.

As of March 2021, the benchwork for the line out of Riverton to Hudson is installed and partially scenicked.

Photos and details to follow.





Lander. Lander's primary industries are agriculture based (which apparently included a seasonal apple harvest), with a lot of unfulfilled rumors of a transcontinental line that never materialized.