History of Wind River Canyon

The History of the Wind River Canyon

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Wind River Canyon

The canyon in the 1930s, looking north. Imagine traveling through here in the winter, in a car or by rail!

Here's another view of some of the canyon's tunnels, this one from the 1940s.

Here's a pretty decent rendering of a CB&Q passenger train making its way through the canyon heading north. The train appears about ten times larger than it is in real life, though.

Here, in December of 1995, is the entrance to the north end of Wind River Canyon. Behind us (a few miles) is the town of Thermopolis.

We're at the south entrance to the canyon, looking at an abandoned tunnel. In 1948, the CB&Q realigned their trackage in this area, building the large combination bridge to the right, to make room for the new Boysen Dam and reservoir, a mile or so behind the photographer in this photo. In April 1995, when this shot was taken, the tunnel had partially collapsed.

Looking northwards in the canyon. In the center is one of the many rail tunnels through the canyon.

One of the tunnel portals near the southern end of the canyon.