Cove Road I – Lovell

Cove Road I – Lovell

The northernmost "major" town on the railroad in Wyoming is Lovell (take that with a BIG grain of salt - I am talking about Wyoming, here. Lovell's population is around 2,200).

The track arrangement for Lovell:

Lovell is the main line and sidings to the right in this diagram.

As with many of the other towns on the layout, this doesn't represent what Lovell's track arrangement will be when complete, but just shows the passing siding and a couple of spurs. It also shows the bentonite plant as one of the Lovell industries, but I've found some data that indicates the plant wasn't built until the 1950s, so I may replace that plant with a different industry.

Lovell has a very interesting rock wall at the north end of town, between Lovell itself and the Bentonite plant. If I just put it on the layout without explanation, it would look like some sort of ill-thought-out scenic divider. But it really exists (see "The Real Lovell" page) and is an interesting scenic element. It will, of course, be incorporated into the layout.