V5 (Casper) Layout

Modeling – The Present – Version 5, The Casper Layout

This page shows current construction on the layout. The most recent entry is at the top, and they get older as you scroll down.

Every now and then, when the page gets too long, I'll move everything into the appropriate link just below. Enjoy!

11 January 2022

On the first I completed the CNW fence all the way up to the top of the peninsula:

On the third I posted my latest layout update video.

By the 5th I had the approach to Thermopolis worked out and subroadbed installed:

I also installed the permanent wiring for the CNW line at Riverton...

...and cleaned up Powder River.
It looks a lot better without all that debris!

During the first few days of the new year I also took time to clean up and inventory all my flextrack. Here's the pile of Atlas code 100 track, mostly used, when I started:

The curves in so many of the pieces are from soldered-on rail joiners where the track was in curves (mostly the giant helix) on Version 1 of the layout in New Jersey back in the first decade of this century. Most of it has not been used since. It has thousands of miles on it - New Jersey to South Carolina to New Jersey to Wyoming. I clipped off the rail joiners, which allowed the track to straighten out. This took hours to do, and my fingers were sore for a day or so afterward!

And here's all the track after I organized it.

Top to bottom shelf: ME Code 55 - just a few sticks; Peco code 70 - about half a scale mile, and a couple sticks of ME code 70 behind the Peco; Atlas code 83 - about 2 1/2 scale miles; and on the bottom shelf all that Atlas code 100 - around nine scale miles (that will be used for most hidden track on the layout, but I'm sure I have much more than I'll need)!

On January 6th I laid the roadbed on the approach to Thermopolis:

And on the 10th I laid track on the big turnback curve into Thermopolis.

Of course I had to test the new trackwork. Here's my 2-10-2 on the new superelevated curve:

And here's a slightly wider shot sowing some of the train in tow behind. The curve seems smooth.

1 January 2022

Here's a video I made of the first "revenue" train to run from Casper to Hudson: