Lander Branch

Lines – The Lander Branch

Top image: Lander sometime in the 1950's.

Like Cody, I never got started on the Lander Branch of the layout, beyond installing some track behind the helix that would be hard to install after the helix was in place.

Here's a plan of the Lander Branch:

The C&NW Lander line southwest from Shobon to Shoshoni, Riverton and Lander is represented by a switch off the CB&Q Mainline between Casper and Thermopolis, then mostly hidden trackage until it reappears just outside the town of Lander.

There will be two or three trains per week out of Lander, carrying mostly agricultural products. Lander also had a Ralston plant that I think makes animal feed (maybe pet food or farm animal feed; I'll find out as research continues). This traffic is somewhat seasonal, so during some operating sessions there will be very few trains out of Riverton Staging (maybe one freight a week, with a twice or thrice-weekly passenger train), and during other sessions there may be one freight a day. See the section on Operations for more ideas.

The Lander branch is completely unscenicked except for town of Lander itself. Here are some photos of the area to provide some flavor.


Lander. Lander's primary industries are agriculture based, with a lot of unfulfilled rumors of a transcontinental line that never materialized.