-Just Pictures-

Switch where the CNW diverged from the Burlington

East End of Casper at the caboose track

Part of Casper and the Backdrop

Post Thyroid Surgery

0402 LED Wired & Lit

Train on Superelevated Curve


11" Ramp Template

Casper Yard Throat Construction - Cove Road 2 - 2018

Small Yard at Hampton SC 2013

2021-06-05 Tender frame and trucks

2021-06-01 Base of Coaling Tower

2021-01-18 Train on CNW Line

2020-10-09 Along Rendezvous Rd near Hudson

2006-12-22 Christmas Village Under the Tree

2020-11-14 Frannie Staging Close-up

2020-10-09 Panorama Near Hudson WY

Upload files

LED Light Final Install Clips

Ceiling Panel Final Install

Back of Fluorescent Fixtures

Ceiling Progress as of 23 June 2018

Casper yard framework as of 24 July 2018

Roadbed Factory in Merchantville