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03-11-30 Doubleheading on hidden track.JPG (46874 bytes)Life-Like 0-6-0s double-heading a freight on the to-be-hidden track between Minneapolis and Seattle staging yards.

04-03-30 0-6-0 loco nose.JPG (57432 bytes)Staring at the nose of Burlington 0-6-0 #509 (Life-Like model) while it sits in Laurel MT.

04-07-12 Laurel from East End.JPG (38184 bytes)Looking west from the east end of Laurel yard - July 2004. The gray gondola is an old Varney model; the caboose is a recent Walthers product, and the loco is a Broadway Limited CB&Q 2-8-2.

04-03-24 Overall Laurel Peninsula.jpg (187276 bytes)An overview of everything built as of July 2004. We see the Laurel / Lander peninsula stretching to the left from the foreground, and on the parallel wall is the hidden NP Mainline. Glenrock will be above the tracks.

04-07-12 BLI 5508 Nose.JPG (100048 bytes)Laurel, MT - CB&Q Heavy Mikado #5508 (a BLI model) drags a freight past a string of tank cars sitting on the passing siding. July 2004.

04-03-30 1st Train into Laurel.JPG (82083 bytes)The first train arrives in the to-be town of Laurel, MT from Seattle staging on 30 March, 2004, immediately following the mainline being laid on that part of the layout.

05-01-31 Doodlebug at Laurel.jpg (29779 bytes)Burlington Doodlebug  #9099 (a Spectrum model) is pulling in to Laurel station from points East. The station is a scratchbuilt generic design of my own.

05-01-08 Tank Cars at Laurel.jpg (70932 bytes)Laurel, MT - Tank cars sitting in front of the station. The little shed in the foreground, like the station, is a scratchbuilt model following generic design practices.

05-09-28 Laurel Station at Night.JPG (121127 bytes)A shot of the end of the Laurel Depot at night (sort of - the reflection is the strobe on the camera, and everything in the distance was too far for the strobe to light. Doesn't look too bad, though)

05-09-07 Empty Track at Minneapolis Yard.jpg (187227 bytes)An empty track in Minneapolis yard, with trains on either side. I messed around with this image a bit - deleted the basement wall and added a sky / hills backdrop.
A group of locos sitting on the tracks ready to depart in the deepest part of the night. In much of Wyoming you can still find darkness this deep - no lights of any kind for miles around. Here's number 5000, a heavy Mike, sitting at the end of track on the helix. January 2006.
April 2006. Populating the Laurel platform and waiting room. While the waiting room isn't detailed, it will be lit. Seeing the people inside will make the depot look more detailed than it is (I hope). April 2006. Early morning and passengers await the train.
Dawn is just beginning to break in Laurel as a heavy Mike stocks up on coal before heading into the roundhouse. Here's an overall view of the layout as of May 25, 2007.