This track plan and concept have been developing for years, sometimes in my mind, and sometimes in spare rooms and garages around the country as I've moved to and fro. 

The basic concept of a simply-modeled junction from a transcontinental rail line that is otherwise unseen staging, tying into a modeled division of a line into Wyoming first took shape in my planning in about 1984, when I was living in Lompoc California. That was basically a U-shaped garage layout that never got to the scenery stage before it was dismantled for a move. I may be able to find the old track plan, and if so I'll photograph it and put it on the site here. I'll also scan a few photos of the layout under construction for a future site update. 

The Lompoc plan had little of the prototype CB&Q line in Wyoming in it - I had ideas of making the line Great Northern and using some of the CB&Q line locations (Thermopolis, for one), but not too much interest in trying to follow the route and station sequence.

A few years after leaving Lompoc (due to the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion), I started reproducing almost exactly the same plan again, this time in a garage in Kent, Washington. That would have been early 1987. I'll have some photos of that one soon. The track plan was so similar to the Lompoc layout that I'll only post one of them - the second one would just be a waste of space (although the plans were reversed). I started focusing a little more on the prototypical CB&Q routes and stations with this plan, but still was going to make it part of the GN. A personal disaster brought about the dismantlement of that layout shortly after scenery was started. 

While in Kent I settled on the era I wanted to model - the 1940s - and have revised that only a little in subsequent years, to the late 1930s and early 1940s, though there will probably be elements from a few years earlier, and from a few years later. 

For several years I moved around the country working as an aerospace engineering contract employee, then in 1997 I bought my house in Wenonah, New Jersey and I "knew" I would never move again! That's when I started working on the layout that was described in this site, and from which the current plan at my new house a few miles from Wenonah developed. I don't have to start construction from scratch, because what I had finished hasn't been changed with the new plan. Here's the Wenonah plan:

This is the lower level. 






















This is the upper level. 

Note that this plan is smaller than the new plan, by a whole peninsula!




















 These two diagrams are all that I have left of the old plan on the site, other than some photos of construction that are still current, since the parts that were built are in the new layout. 

A trip into one's modeling past is occasionally fun, but only for a short time. Why focus on the past (other than the prototype's past, that is)? I'm much more interested in what's coming in the future!

So let's go back to the current Track Plan, and see what's coming!

Track Plan