For those interested, here are a few shots of how far I got on the layout while I was in the old house. I wouldn't spend much time here if I were you - what's happening now is much more interesting than what happened a few years ago!


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May 2001

The leftmost framework in the alcove is in place, and the yard throat for the West end of the GN East staging yard is in, complete with Tortoise switch machines installed, though not yet wired. All four yard tracks are laid, as you can see in the right behind the yellow chalk dust bottle, to about 1/3 of their total length.

May 2001

This close-up view of the area under the yard throat (on the wall with a window in the picture above this one) shows two of the three Tortoise machines. The two wires running horizontally are the red and green, number 12 gauge wires that serve as power busses for the tracks in this area. The power pack on the right is temporary (probably temporary for the next year or two). Near the center is a 120-volt outlet - this will be extended around the layout on the forward L-girder of the benchwork, providing power for saws, drills, etc., and for right now, power for the temporary power pack.  It will not be used to power the layout permanently - Layout power will become separate circuits in the future.

January 2001

Here's the state of construction as of January 1st, 2001 - The first tracks are in for the NP Mainline staging yard under Cody, which will extend beyond the front of the train to the right.



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