For my own convenience (based on the layout arrangement), I've broken the planned trackage into several distinct lines. Clicking on the line name in the brief descriptions below will take you to that line's page. Looking over the System Schematic may also help tie everything together - it's a big layout! These lines are:

1. NP Mainline. This represents the NP transcontinental route through Laurel, Montana. 

2. Frannie Cutoff. I have no idea what this might have been called in real life, if anything in particular at all - it was merely the Wyoming Mainline north of Frannie. But on the layout it's the connection from Laurel to Frannie, so I call it the "Frannie Cutoff." Like the NP line, its almost all hidden trackage, and is included for operational reasons. Many, perhaps most, trains coming from Laurel will pass right into the Wyoming Mainline without even stopping. The same is true of trains heading the opposite direction.

3. Wyoming Mainline. This is the "meat & potatoes" of the layout, and it represents everything from Frannie southeast to Orin Junction. This is most of the visible trackage on the layout, and where most of the action takes place.

4. Cody Branch. This is the stub-end branch from Frannie to Cody. In real life it runs along the northwest edge of the Big Horn Basin.

5. Lusk Staging. This is the continuation of the Wyoming Mainline past the end of the modeled portion at Orin Junction eastbound, into a four-track staging yard. I may try to increase that number of tracks - it sounds like too few to handle all the trains I'll need. Nearly all trains will pass through Orin Jct. without stopping.  Orin Jct. actually was a dividing point where trains could head east to Nebraska or south to Cheyenne. The Chicago & Northwestern also met the CB&Q at this point. Orin is truncated on the layout - it's combined end-to-end with Frannie to provide for continuous running when I just want to watch trains roll, and has no further connection south - no room for more storage tracks!

6. Lander Staging. This takes off from the junction at Shobon (just a single switch; not even a passing siding here) to duck into a three-track staging yard that represents the CNW line to Riverton and Lander Wyoming.

Track Plan

System Schematic