This is just the way to get between the levels.

It looks like this:

The inner loop radius is 36 inches. Each loop outwards is 2 inches greater in radius, making the outermost loop 40 inches. The outer loop will actually be a smidge larger than shown, to allow slightly more clearance for trains passing by each other on the tracks. 

This is going to be interesting to build, and it will eat up a lot of track. The inside loop is about 1642 inches long, which will require 46 3-foot sections of flex track. That's a scale 2 1/4 miles. The first loop out is 1696 inches long, using 48 sections, equaling 2 1/3 miles. The next track out is 1592 inches long, taking 44 sections, equaling 2.19 miles. The outer track is about 1338 inches long, which will require 38 3-foot sections of flex track. That loop equates to 1.84 miles. Total mileage in the helix is about 10.34 miles! Holy cow!!

In case you're wondering, the reason the lengths of the loops varies as it does is that each track makes a slightly different number of turns around the helix between where it enters and where it exits. 

I haven't put any crossovers or passing tracks or such in the helix - I wanted it to be as simple as possible mechanically. 

The helix is completely unscenicked.



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