Greybull is a ways north of Worland, and like Worland and Thermopolis, is situated on the banks of the Big Horn River. 

A five-star accommodation in Greybull in the early 1930s?

Maybe not quite five-star, but clean cabins and good beds probably appealed to the road warriors of those days, after spending a long day on the highway.

GREYBULL.JPG (35457 bytes)Pretty industrial looking for a tiny little cow town in Wyoming, isn't it? Note the water tower in the right center of the photo. I think most of the buildings in front of the tower are railroad-related, but I'm only guessing.
This is Greybull in the early 1960's. We're looking along the main road through most of  the town.
Just north of Greybull we hit the entrance to Sheep Canyon. This feature will be used to hide the track as it curves around behind the helix on the upper level.
Here we're looking back at Sheep Canyon, roughly to the south, after exiting the north end. Basin is some miles behind us from this perspective.


The track in Greybull:

North is to the right in this diagram. Off the left end (south) is the line that skirts the helix and winds up in Basin. Traveling off the right of the diagram leads to Lovell.

I know next to nothing about the railroad's activities in Greybull - it will be fun to research what industries were served, and how much the railroad influenced life in this interesting little berg. The current major railroad-related industry is bentonite mining.

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