Sometime between the early 1900s and the 1960s, Glenrock went from being Glen Rock (two words) to Glenrock (one word). 

Here's a picture of Glenrock in about 1909. We're looking into town from the southwest corner.
Glenrock ca 1930.jpg (61918 bytes)This is the bustling metropolis of Glenrock about 1930. We're looking directly downtown, from a hill at the south edge of town. On the left side of the picture in the distance is the Chicago & NorthWestern Station.

Glenrock's Mutual Oil Company in the 1920s. Can you spot it in the photo above? If you do, can you tell me where it is, please?

 I don't have much historical info about Glenrock yet, but I will later! 

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