This line connects the NP Mainline with the Wyoming Mainline. It leaves the east end of Laurel yard, and connects into Frannie about the middle of the Frannie/Orin Junction yard.

The line is shown in green in the plan. It's hidden for almost its entire length - about a foot of it is visible at Laurel, before it ducks under an overpass (probably; I'm still mulling over some of the general scenic features on parts of the layout). It climbs from the lower level at Laurel to the upper level, on the second-in helix track. It's hidden under other trackage and scenery until it gets behind Douglas, where it pops out into the open (see the lower level track plan).


There are only two on this line: Laurel, MT, covered on the NP Mainline page, and Frannie, covered on the Wyoming Mainline page.