Douglas was founded in 1886, when the  Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley arrived. According to some sources the Chicago Northwestern was the railroad that established Douglas, but an old (1895) Wyoming map shows the CNW meeting the FE&MV at Orin, and the FE&MV proceeding on from there thru Douglas to the end of track at Casper. The CNW absorbed the FE&MV in 1903, so probably the authors claiming the CNW established Douglas simply didn't make the distinction of the prior railroad. Then again, to me that's like claiming the BNSF established Havre, Montana! 

Like the caption says, this is 2nd street in Douglas. The timeframe is between 1910 and 1915. 

Note the dirt street. Planning for the future with that wide road, I guess.

 More info later. 

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