Here are photos of many of the prototype depots that were, and sometimes still are, in the towns which appear on the layout.

Douglas Depot - Trackside 2003.JPG (82905 bytes)On the left is the CB&Q Douglas Depot as it looked from trackside in 2003. It's no longer a depot - just a collection of failed businesses. Why this isn't the same type of depot as in many of the smaller towns I don't know. I've got plenty of detail photos of this depot from 2003, since I'll have to scratchbuild it.

Douglas Burlington Depot.jpg (88606 bytes)On the right lower is the depot as it looked while it was still a depot in the early 1900s. The semaphore must have been sticking or something....

Casper Depot.jpg (16049 bytes)Top left is Burlington's Casper depot. It still stands, though I don't have any pictures of it. Casper's depot is almost identical to the one in Omaha, Nebraska, which was the model for Walthers' Union Station. I've already purchased one for placement on the layout.CNW Depot 1915.jpg (23823 bytes)

Lower right is the Chicago & North Western's Casper Depot as it appeared in about 1915. It's now long gone.

Thermopolis depot.jpg (165645 bytes)Views of the Thermopolis depot. To the left, we're looking at the south end. 


Thermopolis Depot1 90.JPG (41037 bytes)To the right, we're looking northwest at the track side face of the depot. This shot was taken about 1990. I've got plenty of detail photos of this depot, as I plan to scratchbuild it.

Worland depot 1900s.jpg (43126 bytes)On the right side of this picture is the end of the Worland depot. Northbound from this point on the line, the depots take on a decidedly similar appearance - apparently built from the same set of plans for several locations. This photo is from the early 1900s.
Basin Depot 1917.jpg (39866 bytes)The Basin depot about 1917. Hmmmm..... looks a lot like Worland's old depot, from what I can tell.....basindepot.jpg (27922 bytes)

And another view of the Basin depot - looks almost identical to the Worland depot, doesn't it? A bit wider, perhaps, or maybe that's an effect of some aspect ratio stretching in the Worland or Basin photo....

Greybull Depot 1909.jpg (48945 bytes)Here we have the Greybull depot. Looks like a mirror image of Basin or Worland. Compare these stations to the model station I've placed in Laurel, and you can see that the model isn't that bad a representation of these stations. That model (lower right) was completely freelance, built well before I decided to model the Burlington in Wyoming. Maybe some long-forgotten memory was guiding my hand when I built it.....(if you believe in those thing05-09-28 Laurel Station Streetside.JPG (140467 bytes)s). Anyway, it's quite a coincidence, and even though it differs in quite a few details, in the overall view it's a pretty close representation of these stations. Seeing these depot photos, I'm now thinking I may use the depot I'd assigned to Laurel somewhere else instead.


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