I don't know a lot about Basin at this point, other than that it's the county seat for Bighorn County, and it was founded in 1896.  The population is a little over 1,000.

I've probably traveled through Basin as many times as I've been through Greybull, but while I remember Greybull, no memories come to mind about Basin. 

This is Basin sometime in the early to mid 1940s. Kind of a sleepy-looking little town, isn't it? As I learn more, I'll add more data.

Basin 1 2003.JPG (83737 bytes)Summer 2003, near the south end of town. To the left is the mainline, and to the right is a siding and the industries it serves. We're looking south here - the highway through town is a couple of blocks off the right of this picture.

Basin 2 2003.JPG (61263 bytes)Here we're looking northwest from the same spot as above. Looks like a hot day, doesn't it? It was - the temperature hit 100 degrees just a few miles south, in Worland.


The track in Basin:

North is to the right  in this diagram - Greybull is next along the track off to the left. To the right the track heads around to Worland, on the other side of the backdrop you can see near the bottom of the diagram (the light blue line).

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